We are more connected than we used to be but people are becoming disengaged from the real world. Are smartphones a blessing or a bane? That depends on how we use it. Being hooked to a smartphone while interacting with family or friends is a definite no-no.

To address this issue, I propose designing an application that allows neglected users to send anonymous nudges to obsessive smartphone user that are preoccupied with their smartphones and are in their close proximity. This allows them to express their feelings without upsetting or embarrassing anyone. The application will leverage lean UX methodologies to quantify smartphone usage to make people aware of their distractive behavior.

The goal of the application is to influence behavior through nudges, prompts and challenge the users in making positive behavioral changes.

Design Ideation

My research aimed to answer the following questions: 

  1. Can information and UI/UX design influence social behavior and impact smartphone usage? 
  2. Can user initiated nudges be designed visually to make obsessive smartphone users aware of their distractive social behavior? 
  3. Can this objective be achieved with limited interactions within the app? 


Persona #1 - Responsible User:

Neil Anderson, 24 - The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.

Persona #2 - Obsessive User:

Jennifer Smith, 22 - Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others and collect information easier and faster than ever.


Brand Identity

Color Palette:


Mobile App

Promotional Video