About 9-1-1:

The ability to dial a single number to report emergencies was first used in Great Britain, in 1937. The British could dial 999 to call for police, medical or re departments, from anywhere in the country. The emergency number had to be three numbers that were not in use in the United States or Canada as the first three numbers of any phone number or area code, and the numbers had to be easy to use.



STEP 1: Where is the emergency?: The emergency is not always located where you are calling from.

STEP 2: Nature of the emergency: Do you require assistance from law enforcement, medical professionals, and/or fire fighters?

STEP 3: A detailed, yet concise, description: What happened? How many details do you know?

STEP 4: Location. Give the dispatcher your name and address




Number of lives saved


Calls answered till date

6:45 mins

Average time to get help